Community Outreach

The most successful wind energy projects share information and listen to the ideas and concerns of the community.  VERA Renewables specializes in bringing together local and regional stakeholders in cooperative forums to clarify, inform, and stimulate solutions to potential development obstacles.  Building community trust while making the process efficient and cost effective is the overall goal.

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Economic Viability & Financial Risk Analyses

Wind power’s ultimate success as a conventional power source rests on its long-term economic viability.  VERA Renewables' hands-on experience with evaluating wind energy production, together with its ability to analyze the principal factors determining a project’s economic viability, represent a unique skill set we bring to the wind development field.

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Wind Resource & Energy Production Assessment

Assessing the wind resource is a critical step in wind energy project development, and we offer varying levels of wind resource assessment matched to the phase of development in which we are working with our clients.  In the earliest stages, we perform regional site screening with electronic wind resource mapping, coupled with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and field investigations.  In more advanced stages of development, we are applied to generate more in-depth results.

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Feasibility Assessment

Each wind project presents developers with a unique set of challenges and benefits from conception through commissioning of the project.  VERA Renewables offers varying levels of feasibility analyses, each keyed to the phase of development in which we are working with our clients. 

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Wind Project Management and Permitting

VERA Renewables project management means developing a strategy and overseeing many interrelated tasks that need to be coordinated efficiently and effectively to reach a client's wind energy development goals.

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