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Granite Reliable Power

The Granite Reliable Power 99-megawatt windpark (33 turbines) has been operating since late 2011 in Coos County, New Hampshire. It is the largest operating wind project in New Hampshire, providing energy equivilent to meet the annual needs of 20,000 homes and avoids 124,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. VERA identified this site as part of a regional-scale wind siting effort for our client, and then performed early site assessments and design strategy while assisting with land owner negotiations.

Noble Environmental Power contracted VERA for our wind power development services in 2006, recognizing our decades of project management services, wind project siting and GIS expertise, wind resource assessment services, and permitting experience.

VERA assisted with the design and implementation of the public outreach program, and with the design and permitting of the wind resource assessment program. VERA eventually took the lead role in the preparation of the state-level permit application that was filed with the New Hampshire Siting Evaluation Committee in 2008. Additionally, we provided support services including GIS project mapping, viewshed, and photographic simulations.

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