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Wind Resource Maps

VERA provided wind resource maps for each of Vermont's 14 counties to the Vermont Department of Public Service (VDPS) in May 2004.  The maps illustrate estimated average annual long-term wind speeds at two heights above ground cover, and are based on large-scale (200-meter resolution) wind maps produced by AWS Truewind LLC.

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Facts About Wind Power

Worldwide, more than 55,600-MW of new wind capacity was commissioned in 2016 with global wind capacity reaching close to 487,000 MW.  The U.S. wind energy industry continues to break  previous records, with an installed capacity of nearly 85,000 MW as of October 2017. Wind energy generating capacity produces enough electricity to power the equivalent of 25 million households.

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Photo Gallery

See visual simulations that were made for each of our major projects, as well as photos in the field during development and the completed projects.

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Other Resources

Find links to other resources including the American Wind Energy Association and Renewable Energy Vermont.

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