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The VERA Story

VERA Renewables has over 40 years of renewable energy experience, establishing itself as a leader in the expansion of renewable energy in the northeastern US. Our professional team has the knowledge and expertise to successfully guide clients from start to finish through reliable assessment, permitting, and project development. Our experience is broad, our work is precise, and our reputation is unmatched.


As Vermont Environmental Research Associates, Inc. (VERA), our pioneering efforts in wind resource assessment provided the basis for some of the region’s early commercial wind power development, eventually leading to the state permitting of wind facilities on Little Equinox Mountain (1989) and the Searsburg Wind Power Facility (1997). The renewable energy industry has evolved a great deal since then, and VERA has grown alongside it, applying current industry methods and standards for meticulous and dependable analysis. More recently VERA has managed the development, construction, permitting, and operation of Georgia Mountain Community Wind (2012) and the Holiday Hill Community Wind (2019) . VERA’s efforts have resulted in the deployment of more than 250 MWs of renewable energy capacity.


VERA Renewables tailors its work to fit the unique needs of municipalities, private landowners, utility companies, government agencies, schools, and farms. Being highly skilled in execution of project activities, we ensure that project development work proceeds in an efficient and effective manner from our Waterbury, Vermont offices. Geographically, we are focused on New England projects, though we have applied our site prospecting and property acquisition along the east coast from West Virginia through Maine. Our experience has resulted in our involvement in specialized roles in analyses reaching across the country to states including Texas, Michigan, Oregon, and Wyoming.




John Zimmerman


Renewable energy development has been at the forefront of John Zimmerman’s professional interests since the late 1970s when he designed and implemented Green Mountain Power’s (GMP), utility-scale wind power siting program – the first of its kind in the US utility industry.  Read More

Ryan Darlow

Project Engineer

Ryan Darlow has been involved in all phases of renewable energy project development from site selection and design optimization through permitting regulatory permitting including providing expert testimony. His fields of expertise include wind resource and site assessment, statistical analyses of time series meteorological data, and wind flow modeling. Read More

Renewable Energy Analyst

VERA is seeking part-time assistance with assisting clients in prospecting, designing, developing, and permitting wind and solar electric generation projects in the northeastern United States. 

Read More

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