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Ryan Darlow

Project Engineer

With nearly a decade of experience, Ryan has been involved in all phases of renewable energy project development from site selection and design optimization through regulatory permitting including providing expert testimony. His fields of expertise include solar and wind resource and site assessment, statistical analyses of time series meteorological data, and wind flow modeling. Ryan is skilled with industry specific programs including WindPRO, WAsP, WindFarmer, Windographer, Helioscope, and PVSyst which he uses to calculate energy output for proposed projects and operational performance comparisons for existing projects. He has deployed, monitored, and maintained wind measurement technologies from traditional met towers to LiDAR and SoDAR systems.

Ryan supports project development and assists with project management through an array of technical competencies. He is knowledgeable about electrical interconnection processes with Vermont and Maine utilities and ISO New England and participates in the Vermont System Planning Committee. Ryan has prepared bids for long-term renewable energy purchases in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont as well as in ISO New England’s Forward Capacity Market. He has developed and maintains, schedules, budgets and pro-forma financial models for wind projects. He is skilled at site design and spatial modeling using GIS as well as analyzing and preparing sound and aesthetic assessments.

​Ryan holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont and a B.S. in Thermal Energy Engineering from Aalborg University in Denmark. He has been a member of Renewable Energy Vermont since 2014. He will always find some spare time to ski, hike, or ride up and down Vermont’s Green Mountains.

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