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Employment Opportunities

Renewable Energy Analyst

Vermont Environmental Research Associates (VERA) is seeking part-time assistance with assisting clients in prospecting, designing, developing, and permitting wind and solar electric generation projects in the northeastern United States.


We are looking to hire an experienced and energetic individual to join our team in support of VERA’s mission of being and integral part of the transformation of our electric generation and transmission system to one that is sustainable and uses local renewable energy. 


This position will be responsible for assisting VERA with various GIS related tasks including site design and layout for local solar projects. Persons that will succeed in this position will be self-starting and motivated team players who are willing to entertain creative solutions to enable our clients’ success in often complicated regulatory environments. Experience in Vermont’s or other regulatory and permitting backgrounds are a plus. 

Initially, this is a part-time, approximately 24 hours per week position, with the opportunity to evolve into a full-time position.



Assist the VERA team and our clients with layout, optimization, and design of solar arrays.


Use GIS and other software to help analyze solar energy production, aesthetics, and other analytical tasks required for permitting.   


Screen prospective sites for future renewable energy projects with respect to land use constraints, environmental regulations, electrical interconnection feasibility, public acceptance, and other ‘fatal flaw’ criteria.


Communicate with clients about work product.


Provide analytical assistance and data management for VERA’s on-going renewable energy projects and clients.


Keep abreast of government regulatory guidelines and incentives that may affect VERA work going forward.



  • Minimum of an Associate’s degree in a technical, engineering, meteorology, or mathematics program. 

  • Minimum of two years of experience with GIS software, particularly ESRI software products.

  • Strong analysis skills and experience using Microsoft Office particularly Excel.

  • Shared vision for transforming the region’s electric energy supply to renewable, sustainable sources.

  • Experience with PVsyst, Helioscope, WindPRO, WindFarmer, OpenWind, or Windographer a plus.

  • Familiarly with electrical interconnection, permitting processes, and regulatory environments (especially in the northeastern US) and their impacts on the growth of renewable energy projects a plus.


Respondents please send resume or CV to: 

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