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Project Management

Project management means developing a strategy and overseeing many interrelated tasks that need to be coordinated efficiently and effectively to reach a client's renewable energy development goals.

We have extensive experience in directly managing the myriad of tasks and technical issues considered in renewable project development work, including:


  • wind & solar property rights acquisition

  • early site identification and resource assessment

  • budget & schedule development and tracking

  • project design, layout, and optimization

  • permitting and due diligence reporting

  • general contractor to specialists and consultants

  • procurement of turbines, solar panels, equipment, and services

  • obtaining equity and debt financing

  • negotiating power purchase agreements

  • monitoring facility operation 

  • financial due diligence


Many of these services are carried out in preparation of State and Federal permitting procedures, in which VERA is well versed. VERA’s strategic guidance has led to the successful permitting of numerous New England renewable energy projects. Some of these projects include, Holiday Hill Community Wind, Georgia Mountain Community Wind, Deerfield Wind, Kingdom Community Wind, Granite Reliable Power, Hoosac Wind, Berkshire Wind, Searsburg Wind Power Facility, Vermont All-Sun Solar I through XII, Fish Hatchery Solar, Maple Hill Solar, Brickyard Solar, Golden Solar, and many others pending. VERA also prepares electrical interconnection, FAA, EPA, US Army Corps, and financing applications and permits.

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